Friday, April 5, 2013


Because Emerson and I and a number of friends are currently away from New Babbage on a RP adventure, whenever I do spend time in the city it is "out of character."  So I wear my incognito outfit, which includes a bowler and a darkened pair of my pince nez.

While waiting to make some portraits for someone else last night, I took some of myself.  I'm very happy with a couple of crops of this one.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vernden Jervil, Commander of Scoundrel Fleet and Armada Breakaway

The Armada Breakaway sim, unique in the Steamlands and perhaps all of SL, will be going away this coming Sunday.  I am assured, however, that the Scoundrel Fleet will continue in exile in a small location that they've secured on Blake Sea.  Huzzah!  In order to commemorate his time as the Commander of the Fleet and Armada Breakaway, I offered to make a portrait of him there before the entire thing goes up in flames.  (Pirates love to burn, and there is a longstanding Armada tradition of torching any build that is being removed from the sim.  How spectacular it will be to see the entire sim alight!)

Vernden is partial to a slightly different variation of the portrait that has deeper colors, but I prefer the ones with a sepia cast, so those are the ones I'm showing here.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

On Process

Emerson's rezday was in early November, so I made a portrait for him.  I thought it might be interesting to produce a before and after version that shows the cleanup work I do on the raw image before doing any artsy stuff.  It is probably most noticable around the edges of his vest, but I also smoothed out some shadows and removed a flaming marshmallow near the bottom.  (Don't ask.)

Below are the before/after pics and the final version.